About Me- Hello There

Hello, there!

Thanks for taking the plunge and stopping by the Fish Full Life blog.

My name is Amber. I’m a Jesus-follower, wife, mom, “dog-mom”, swim coach, online ESL teacher, homemaker, and athlete.

My hope is to encourage others with my blog posts, while staying REAL (no sugar-coating).

Wanting to get back in touch with my English Education roots from college and my love for writing, I was inspired to start a blog.

Life has changed quite a bit since becoming a mom, and I’m so happy to be on this journey, and to share my experiences with you.






Disclosure: Please note that all photos and media are not to be copied or used for personal or business use in any way, shape, or form. All media is posted specifically for The Fish Full Life blog. And all content within the blog is specifically created and posted only to The Fish Full Life blog. If you have questions about quoting text or sharing photos to another site or for another use, please contact Amber.

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